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Calculators for Schools


Over the last few years we have worked closely  with schools and students to develop new classroom aids to assist with the teaching of basic calculator skills to primary school children. The ‘Calculators for Schools’ range was conceived and software to assist with ‘whole class’ teaching via the interactive white board was developed.

In the UK the ‘Calculators for Schools’ range has been very well received and has proved to be a useful, effective and extremely cost effective teaching aid.

The revised ‘Primary Framework for Literacy and Mathematics’ recommends that the teaching of calculator skills should commence in Years 3 and 4 and continue through to the assessment at the end of Key Stage 2.

Aurora’s new range of School Class Kits are an ideal aid for teaching the required calculator skills to primary school children.

A class kit consists of 30 calculators designed for KS1 & KS2, a robust Gratnell’s® storage tray, a lid and a foam insert. The foam insert acts as
a secure holder, keeping the calculators safe and enabling quick and easy distribution during lesson time and stock checking afterwards.

In addition the CK30, CK12 and class kits now include a free emulator.

This CD-ROM software when combined with an interactive whiteboard and projector will beam a large working replica of the calculator onto the whiteboard.

This giant working calculator is viewable to the whole class and it is also identical to the calculators being used by the students.
The whiteboard calculator makes it much easier to demonstrate a calculation and equally makes it much easier for the students to follow the keystrokes and calculation chain. The emulators provide a great solution
for introducing calculators to Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils.

They are simple to operate and easy to use and have been designed to integrate into an existing lesson plan with minimal fuss providing the teacher with a practical and fun solution.

Also included on the CD in a printable format are test and answer sheets naming the functions performed by each key

See below for the full Calculators for Schools range.

Environmentally Friendly CKeco
30 X EC240 Recycled Calculators

EMU-1 Calculator Emulator
Recycled Gratnell’s Tray
Protective Lid

Foam Storage Insert

CKeco EC240

The Best Selling CK30
30 X HC133 Calculators
EMU-1 Calculator Emulator
Gratnell’s Tray & Lid
Foam Storage Insert

CK30 HC133

The Solar Set CK12
30 X HC106 Calculators
EMU-1 Calculator Emulator
Gratnell’s Tray & Lid
Foam Storage Insert

CK12 HC106

The Scientific Set CK45
30 X SC582 Calculators
Gratnell’s Tray & Lid
Foam Storage Insert
Ideal as back up for exams

CK45 SC582

The Classroom Emulator
CD-ROM Software
Interactive versions of the
EC240, HC133 and
HC106 calculators
Ideal for use with I/A Whiteboards


For details of our Schools range of Calculators, Class Kits & Emulators click on the link below...
Calculators For Schools Click here for Calculators for Schools Calculators For Schools

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