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Shanghai Headquarters

The Aurora Group was established in Taiwan in 1965. The Group is divided into 3 key business areas. Electronic Business (The Manufacture of Calculators, Laminators & Shredders) Office Furniture and Office Automation. The Group employs over 7,000 staff and over 50,000 Aurora products are sold each day.

Shanghai Manufacturing Plant

The Factory is based in Shanghai, occupying more than
340,000 square feet it is one of the largest facilities producing calculators, laminators and shredders in the world.

There are 530 employees including 50 senior engineers. Utilising its 10 production lines the factory produced over 1.5 million units per month. The factory is ISO9001/2 approved and operates an advanced QMS system ensuring very high quality levels of production.

Taipei Headquarters

In the UK Aurora is predominantly recognised as a leading brand of calculators achieving up to 14% of basic four function calculator market with Aurora Electronics UK Ltd being recognised as THE specialist UK calculator company.




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Specialist Manufacturers of Calculators, Laminators & Shredders